Complexity Thinking for Transformative Societal Change

Transforming our complex and rapidly evolving societies into ones that are just, equitable, and environmentally sustainable requires understanding their complexity and how they undergo change. SOSIEL is an independent nonprofit think tank committed to supporting individuals, communities, and organizations worldwide in planning, implementing, and evaluating transformative societal change.

Our world in its complexity

A brief introduction to processes and properties making our world complex.

Complexity thinking

A brief introduction to the principles defining complexity thinking.

Transformative societal change

A brief introduction to a conceptualization of  transformative societal change.

Roadmap for planning

A brief introduction to the six-stage roadmap for planning transformative societal change.


A brief introduction to evaluating interventions aimed at transforming society.


The in-depth theoretical foundations and practical guidance to complexity thinking and transformative societal change.

Energy infrastructure: Germany's transition to renewable energy

Human-Nature interaction: Goulburn Broken Catchment

Financial markets: Speed traps and Black Swans

Stage 1 (Engaging with actors): The Snake River Basin