Below are applications of the CEMMA game.

Emergence of multilevel (group) selection

Authors: Garry Sotnik, Maxim Davidovsky, & Egor Fedorenko

Conference paper: Download, 2019

The model (GitHub repository): Download

Abstract: Our limited understanding of cognitive, behavioral, social, and demographic processes, as well as how they interact and coevolve among themselves and with ecological processes, is a major challenge to our ability to manage common-pool resources. Our limited understanding stems in part from the reductionist approaches we apply in theorizing about social-ecological contexts. Social-ecological theory can benefit from greater integration among relevant theories from both across and within disciplines. With the aim of improving our ability to analyze common-pool resource management, we introduce a new interdisciplinary spatiotemporal game, called CEMMA (CoEvolutionary Multilevel & Multi-Agent), which simulates coevolutionary multilevel interaction among cognitive, behavioral, social, and demographic processes of a population of agents. For demonstration, we describe a simple example configuration of the game that emerges multilevel (group) selection. In addition to serving as a new interdisciplinary tool for common-pool resource management analysis, CEMMA is also a contribution to a new category of evolutionary multilevel games.

Keywords: common-pool resource management, game theory, agent-based, multilevel selection, public goods.