LANDIS-II & SHE model examples

The SOSIEL Platform was coupled with LANDIS-II as its SOSIEL Human Extension (SHE). This page lists examples of applications of LANDIS-II with SHE.

Model name: Learning and innovation in multi-goal human-forest interaction

Cognitive level: Customized


Latest release: September 2018 (Download)

SOSIEL Human Extension (SHE): v0.5

Description (ODD+D): September 2018 (Download)

Brief description: The model simulates one forest management agent directing its attention from one forest site to another and each time making a harvesting decision and potentially taking a harvesting action. The model demonstrates the complex relationships among factors influencing decision-making, including conflicting goals, site-specific expectations, known decision options, and dynamic macro- and micro-level landscape conditions. These complex relations make it difficult for a decision-maker to accurately anticipate the levels of influences of specific decision options and, in turn, accurately select decision options that are most appropriate for achieving their goals. Recognizing and analyzing these complex relationships has the potential of improving our understanding of forest management and, in turn, our ability to manage forests.